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Expression of Your Message with Clarity & Confidence

Do people instantly get what you're about and want to learn more?  In this fast-paced world people are more distracted than ever.  Being able to get their attention and keep it with a compelling introduction is the key to continuing your business relationship.

Do your words and brand messaging create a solid frame to support your products and services? Let's make it easy for people to understand and want to work with you by having consistent brand messaging throughout your offerings.

When you NAME IT and FRAME IT well, you'll easily and effectively communicate your message with clarity and the confidence that attracts your ideal clients!

"Gail Dixon is a genius at hearing her clients' true thoughts and helping them find words that express them.  She is a blessing to know and to work with." ~ Kathryn A. Hathaway, Esq., BeThePhoenix.net

“Gail Dixon is the Writing Wizard. She understands the power of words, and is a great listener who knows how to discern your message and make it more compelling and engaging, as well as to respond with cogent and diplomatic advice when asked. Besides being an expert communicator and supportive coach, she is a genuinely caring and generous human being." ~ Caroline Collins, L3X Coordinator, City of Tallahassee

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How Writing Wizardry Can Support YOUR Success ...

If you are ...

  • A small business owner or solo entrepreneur
  • In a service-oriented business and you want to attract and keep more clients
  • Just starting out or entering a new niche and need clarity and direction on reaching your market
  • Not making the money you'd like to make

And you are...

  • Struggling to find the right words to describe who you are and what you do
  • Striving to create a brand identity that sets you apart
  • Ready to make the consistent connection with your client that will make you consistently successful


Why We Exist

A Message from Gail Dixon

(Chief Branding Strategist & Founder of Writing Wizardry)

Gail Dixon PhotoFor as long as I can remember, I have known that words have tremendous power.  Words are the way we create and describe meaning in our lives.  What we say TO ourselves and ABOUT ourselves creates our reality, so choosing the right words is incredibly important.

I envision a world where everyone will hear the words that describe their unique sacred identity and can speak those words with confidence as they live their life’s purpose.

I work with my clients to find the right words for their business or personal life by listening deeply, reflecting with love, and speaking your powerful words back to you with truth and clarity.

I am a national Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Coach and Consultant, with more than 30 years of experience. I use my expert communication skills to guide both individuals and organizations in achieving their goals and creating powerful results.

Contact Info:

Email:  Gail@WritingWizardry.com  /  Telephone: (850) 212-3451

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"Gail served on our Expert Panel and it was extraordinary to see her capture the essence of the message the attendees were trying to convey and instantly transform their fuzzy language into clear and compelling marketing messages."  ~ Nancy Matthews, Founder of Women's Prosperity Network.

Ignite Your Sales Super Power Now with COMPELLING COPY ... Download it Now for FREE!

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